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Product Summery

Finally, a book on photography by an award winning photographer that explains those mysteries clearly, without all the mumbo-jumbo.  Kap’s goal is to build a solid foundation on which the new photographer can build their skill, while still providing tools that the more advanced photographer can use.  His philosophy is very simple: “If you don’t understand it you will never attain your best.”  Kap’s own high resolution, full screen, interactive images help you “see” what he is trying to teach.

To obtain those images that excite viewers, the photographer must know how to control what the camera captures.  The “P” (Program) camera mode will never do that.  It is not difficult, and by understanding a few simple concepts, this book moves you quickly toward your goal and increased skills.

You will also meet the “brilliant, drunken monkey.”  He is either your worst enemy or your best friend, but only if you know how to direct his skills so they compliment your own.  So stop just hoping and start capturing those images you have always wanted to.